Taiwan – Jubilation

detail from front of Taiwan 500 yuan banknote


Glee filled youth hurling baseball cap into the air in celebration of another triumph.

Dedication hard work and teamwork bring joy to the people and pride to all of Taiwan.

Baseball team celebrating World Series victory. detail from front of Taiwan’s 500 yuan banknote.

The Little League Baseball Team was the Toast of Taiwan.

In the thirteen year period between 1969 and 1981, the team brought 10 world series championships from Williamsport Pennsylvania.

A 2:00 pm game start in Williamsport, the home of Little League Baseball world series, would be a 3:00 game time in Taiwan half a world away. Avid fans would be awake and watching.  Cheers could be heard from homes up and down the streets in those early morning hours.  Little league baseball is credited with transforming Taiwan’s breakfast habits as the celebrating fans went out hungry for breakfast.  A fun article on this phenomenon can be found here.

That amazing run of world series championships commencing in 1969 coincided in a decades long erosion of international support for Taiwan’s claim to be the rightful representative of all China.  In 1971, Taiwan lost its UN seat to mainland China, the Peoples Republic of China.  Baseball helped buoy the spirit of the people and by the 1980s Taiwan was enjoying dramatic economic growth.

Taiwan, 500 yuan, front
Taiwan 500 yuan banknote, back
detail from back of Taiwan 500 yuan banknote

The Formosan Sika deer is unique to Taiwan.

detail from back of Taiwan 500 yuan banknote

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