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The flag and emblem of Ethiopia are shown above.

For individual banknotes of Ethiopia, select the images above.

Ethiopia 10 Birr 2006 banknote front (2) featuring a weaver

Ethiopia – 10 Birr – Year 2006

Ethiopian 10 Birr Banknote, Year 2006 – Face and Back
Ethiopia 10 Birr banknote year 2006 front, featuring woman weaving
Ethiopia 10 2006 front

TEN BIRR is noted prominently left center of the front of our banknote.  The Birr is the name of the unit of currency in Ethiopia and has been since the middle 1800s.  “Birr” means “silver” in the local languages.

A weaver adorns the front.  A lion appears behind the inscription for TEN BIRR.

Ethiopia 10 Birr banknote year 2006 back, featuring man riding on tractor
Ethiopia 10 2006 back

Fields are plowed in the foreground with rolling hills in the background.