Croatia – Roger Joseph Boscovich

Croatia 100,000 Dinar Banknote – Face and Back
Croatia 100,000 Dinar Banknote front
Closeup of detail on Croatia 100,000 Dinar Banknote front

Roger Joseph Boscovich, 18th-century astronomer, physicist and mathematician, is featured on the front of our banknote of Croatia. He developed a method of determination of the orbit of a celestial body based upon just three measurements. he similarly developed a method for determining the rotation of a heavenly body based upon the measurement of the locations of three landmarks. These calculations are illustrated on the front of our banknote.

Croatia 100,000 Dinar Banknote back, featuring sculpture History of the Croats

The sculpture, beloved to Croatians, “History of Croatians” by Ivan Mestrovic, is illustrated on the back of our banknote. She, a woman, as Mother, sits serenely, with a massive tome in her lap, a book identified on its spine as the “History of Croatians”. She is the keep og the Croatin identity, culture and history. A moving tribute is in this blog post here.