Iraq – 5 Dinars

Iraq 5 Dinars Banknote – Face and Back
Iraq 5 Dinars Banknote back
Iraq 5 dinars
Iraq 5 Dinars Banknote front, featuring portrait
Iraq 5 dinars

So there he is, Sadam Hussein. His action in the 1990s against Kuwait provoked the 1st Persian Gulf War led by the United States under President George H W Bush. His inactions in the 2000s provoked the 2nd Persian Gulf War, also led by the United States, but under President George W Bush, son of the former president.

The 1st war was in defense of another nation, one much smaller than Iraq, and relatively defenseless. The war gained United Nations Security Concil approval, the support of many nations of the world. A European friend residing in Holland said, “you have little idea how much respect there is for President Bush.” Saddam Hussein cried “uncle” and the war was over in 100 hours. Saddam Hussein remained in power and the armies of the nations of the world retired to their home bases.

The 2nd war was in self-defense, theoretically, sort of. For this, President Bush junior formulated a doctrine of preemption. The tragic attack on America on 9/11 had just occurred and some were spoiling for a fight. And the argument was that if an attack is certainly know to be coming, one does not need to wait for the first strike to act in self-defense.

I was not a fan of Senator Edward Kennedy during his era in the Senate. His speeches regarding the 2nd Persian Gulf War, the Iraq War, are very fine.

Other notables and their positions. President Barack Obama was not in congress at the time and therefore did not have to vote. He has said since then that he was unconvinced at the time. President Trump was not in congress at the time and therefore did not have to vote. He has said since then that he opposed the war.

I have been impressed by Senator Edward M. Kennedy’s vote against the war. The prevailing winds were strong and a nay vote earns at least an honorable mention in his brother’s book. But it is his speeches at the time and on record that impress me. here is a well studied organized thoughtful consideration leading to a reasoned conclusion. It was a rarity at the time when passion and the worst side of patriotism and paranoia were all the rage and ruled the day. I am sorry to say I do not recall hearing any of Kennedy’s speeches at the time, nor any commentary or even criticisms of them, references that might have drawn me to search for them.

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