The place of the 40. This is the landlocked, lofty mountainous Kyrgyzstan. It is sometimes referred to as the Switzerland of Asia to illustrate its lofty elevation and landlocked territory. All of Kyrgyzstan’s rivers flow into a closed drainage system, none of them extending to the Sea.1

from the sun are 40 rays of light, representing the 40 tribes united in the mountainous regions of Kyrgyzstan by Manas the Magnificent.

The mountains are self explanatory. Kyrgyzstan is one of the highest elevated countries in the world.

In 1876, Kyrgyzstan became part of the Russian Empire. In 1936 it became a constituent of the Soviet Union. Following the democratic reforms of Gorbachev in the USSR, Kyrgyzstan declared independence in 1991, and a short time later, the Soviet Union dissolved.

The Eurasian Economic Union

Originating in 1996, it envisions an economic unification of the former Soviet States. It is modeled on the European Union and has been championed by Vladimir Putin.2 By 2015, the union included Krygyzstan together with Armenia, Kazakhstan, Belarus and Russia.3


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