Mauritius – 25 Rupees – Year 2013

Mauritius 25 Rupees Banknote Year 2013 – Face and Back
25 Rupees banknote 2013 front, featuring dodo bird

The dodo bird featured prominently on the front and back of our banknote.  The dodo was unique to this island in the Indian ocean,1 1200 miles from the coast of Africa, and apparently first observed by Dutch sailors in 1598.

Moilin Jean Ah-Chuen (1911-1991) is a Chinese Mauritian politician. He was became First Chinese Cabinet Minister on 1967-1976 and First Chinese Member, Legislative Council on 1949. He was decorated by Pope John Paul II and knighted by the Queen Elizabeth II.[1] His father, Chu Wei Chuen, arrived in Mauritius from Meizhou, Guangdong, China on 1887.[2]

Mauritius 25 Rupee 2013 banknote back