Mozambique – 5000 Meticals – Year 1988

Mozambique 5000 Meticals Banknote, Year 1988 – Face and Back
Mozambique 5000 Meticals banknote 1988 front, featuring wood carving by Alberto Chissano and painting by Malangatana Valente
Mozambique 1988

The image on the left 1 is a wood carving by Mozambique’s son, Alberto Chissano.  The image on the right is a painting by Malangatana Valente.

Mozambique 5000 Meticals banknote 1988 back
Mozambique 1988

The emblem of Mozambique is on the front of our banknote.  It’s symbols are explicitly defined in the constitution.

closeup of Mozambique 5000 Metical banknote 1988 banknote back (2)
Mozambique 1988

From the constitution:
Article 194 The emblem of the Republic of Mozambique shall contain as its central elements a book, a gun and a hoe, superimposed on a map of Mozambique, representing, respectively, education, defense and vigilance, and the peasantry and agricultural production. Below the map the ocean shall be represented. In the center shall be the rising sun, symbol of the building of a new life. Enclosing all this shall be a toothed wheel, symbolizing labor and industry. Surrounding the toothed wheel there shall be, to the right and left respectively, an ear of maize and a piece of sugar cane, symbolizing agricultural wealth. At the bottom there shall be a red strip with the inscription “Republic of Mozambique.”2