Myanmar 5000 Kyat banknote front (2), featuring white elephant
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Myanmar – White Elephant

Myanmar 5000 Kyats Banknote – Face and Back
Myanmar 5000 Kyats Banknote front, featuring white elephant
Myanmar 5000 banknote.

In Myanmar, and throughout southeast Asia, the white elephant is symbol of good fortune and power, and especially political power.  Vice President Agnew presented one to the King of Cambodia during the late 20th century.  In historic Thailand, the white elephant was a symbol of royal power and any that were discovered were presented to the king.  The prestige of kings was considered according to how many white elephants he possessed.

Myanmar 5000 Kyats Banknote front back, featuring Assembly of the Union
Banknote of Myanmar.

These buildings house the Assembly of the Union.  Established in the 2008 constitution, The Assembly of the Union is the bicameral legislative body of Myanmar.