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The flag and the coat of arms of the Republic of the Congo are shown above.

Sometimes known as Congo-Brazzavile, this country shares the Congo River with DR Congo for most of its final descent to the Atlantic Ocean. The Congo, a giant of a river,1 2follows a long slow counterclockwise circular path from southern central African highlands northward and then westward and then southwestward to the Atlantic Ocean. Along this final southwestward journey, Congo Brazzaville occupies the river bank outside of the circle and DR Congo occupies the inner bank. This country, Congo-Brazzavile, was colonized by the French, whereas the southern bank was colonized by the Belgians, first as the personal property of King Leopold and then later as a colony of the nation, Belgium.

the colonial era …

In a 1880 treaty between Pierre Brazza and Kink Moakoko, the Congo region came under French authority. was colonized by the French in 1880. The colony became known as French Congo and then in 1903, Middle Congo, and then in 1908 French Equatorial Africa was organized and Brazzaville was designated as the federal capital.

During the Nazi occupation of France in WW2, Brazzaville served as the capital for Free France from 1941 to 1943. Following the war, and with the establishment of the French 4th Republic,3 Congo-Brazzaville received a local legislature. With the institution of the French 5th Republic, French Equatorial Africa was dissolved into its constituent colonies and Congo Brazzavile became known as Republic of the Congo. On August 15, 1960, the Republic of the Congo gained independence.

since independence …

Independence from France as gained 15 August 1960. It might be said that the post World War, cold war era, brought a different kind of colonization to Africa Nominally independent, political leaders were enticed with opposing patronages in the new bi-polar world.

In 1965, Congo established relations with the Soviet Union, People’s Republic of China, North Vietnam and North Korea.

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