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1st Tour – The Voyage of Curiosity

Welcome to our 1st tour around the world in 80 days!  It is called The Voyage of Curiosity.

The uniting theme of this 80 stop tour is simple curiosity.  It is the case, that the places represented in this tour are also the first 80 posts created for this site.

But for this Tour, the raison d’etre, is, simply, curiosity.  Bon voyage!

Our Tour departs from Ventura California.  Today is Wednesday October 2, a date that will be familiar to some readers.  The train leaves at a quarter before nine, and we will take it.  “This very evening?”, one might ask.  To which we reply, “This very evening.”  All Aboard!

Day 1 Belize.  The journey is 2750 miles, and can be accomplished entirely overland.  But in the interests for conserving time, we board a plane and fly.  We arrive midmorning in the heartland of the Maya, one of the world’s great civilizations.


Day 2 Guatemala.    We travel 10 hours through dense rainforest across the spine of the isthmus of Central America to find ourselves at the scene of one of Guatamela’s great battles of Independence.


Day 3 El Salvador



Day 4 Nicaragua




Day 5 Costa Rica