Uganda – 1979

Uganda 5 Shillings Banknote – Face and Back
Uganda 5 shilling banknote front
Uganda 5

The Ugandan Coat of Arms features prominently on the front of our 5 shilling banknote.  The coat of arms is backed by a map silhouette of Uganda.

close up of Uganda coat of arms from 5 shilling banknote front (2)
Coat of Arms over map of the nation

The shield and two spears are said to represent the defense of the nation.  The three images on the shield, from top to bottom represent the waves of the Lakes of Vitoria, the largest in Africa, and Albert, the endless sunshine of the land and the historic drum calling to meetings of ceremony and significance.  The shield is above a green mound representing the fertility of the land, intersected by an image of the ever flowing Nile river.  The shield is flanked by two birds.  On the left (our right) is the crested crane, also the national bird of Uganda.  On the right (our left) is the Ugandan kob, emblematic of the abundant wildlife of the land of Uganda.  The banner reads “For God and for my Country”, the national motto.

Uganda 5 shilling banknote back, featuring woman harvesting coffee beans
Uganda 5 shillings banknote

The reverse of our 5 shillings banknote features a woman harvesting a rich crop of coffee beans.  This beautiful image has appeared on several Ugandan banknotes, including the 1977 banknote of the same denomination and bearing the image of Idi Amin on the front.

It was 1979 when Idi Amin was overthrown. We hold this banknote to commemorate that happy year.

Following the ouster of Idi Amin, an interim government lasting a little over a year was established and occupied by three leaders, Yusuf Lule for 68 days, Godfrey Binaisa for 327 days, and Paulo Muwanga for 10 days. Following this interim period, Obote, once again, came into power.